Superficial Radiotherapy

We believe you have a choice when it comes to your healthcare. That’s why we now offer our patients a painless, safe and highly effective non-surgical treatment option for skin cancer and keloid scars — Superficial Radiotherapy using Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100 Vision™.

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If you are suffering from basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma or living with unsightly keloid scars, this new treatment is for you.


Traditional skin cancer treatment options involve invasive incisions that damage healthy tissue and result in painful healing; lengthy recovery and scarring that can take an emotional toll. Skin cancer and keloid treatment with the SRT-100 Vision™ gives you a better option.

SRT-100 Vision™ – Taking aim at skin cancer and keloids

The SRT-100 Vision™ delivers a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radiotherapy that only goes skin deep. This low-dose of Superficial Radiotherapy safely destroys non-melanoma skin cancer or keloid cells without damaging healthy surrounding tissue. There is no cutting or stitching, less risk for infection, and no need for reconstructive plastic surgery to repair surgical scars.

Not only this, but the SRT-100 Vision™ allows us to see and treat the affected areas. The SRT-100 Vision™ is built with the same features as the SRT-100™, but also offers high-frequency ultrasound for imaging. This allows us to view the areas being treated and assess them more thoroughly so treatment can be targeted more precisely.

Performed right in our office, Superficial Radiotherapy with the SRT-100™ delivers optimum results to treat skin cancer and remove keloid scars without the negative side effects of invasive treatments. This treatment is ideal for patients who have existing medical conditions that may make surgery a serious health risk.

Are you searching for alternative skin cancer treatments or a better option to remove your keloid scars? Look no further than Superficial Radiotherapy with the SRT-100 Vision™. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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