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Is It Really Adult Acne? 5 Indications You’re Actually Dealing with Rosacea

Is It Really Adult Acne? 5 Indications You’re Actually Dealing with Rosacea

Teenagers often struggle with acne, but what about adults? What you think is adult acne may actually be rosacea. Acne and rosacea have different causes that require specific treatments. Both appear red and bumpy, but that’s the only similarity they share. 

Our skilled team at Dermatology Associates of Central NJ can help you with either condition at our clinics in Old Bridge, Toms River, Union, and Freehold, New Jersey. 

What is acne?

Adolescents and teenagers (and even young adults) typically struggle with pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Acne is caused by blocked hair follicles, skin oil, and dead skin cells that clog your pores and cause blemishes to form. 

The intensity of acne can be attributed to various factors, including hormonal fluctuations, bacterial proliferation, and genetic factors. Acne can appear as an occasional single blemish, but it’s problematic when it includes other symptoms such as:

While acne is most common between the ages of 10-20, outbreaks can occur at any age, particularly around hormonal events such as menopause.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea can look like acne with bumps filled with pus, but it doesn’t form blackheads. Rosacea is most commonly caused by a response of your immune system; however, genetics and environmental factors can also be involved. 

Other symptoms of rosacea include:

Rosacea can cause redness in areas similar to acne, including your neck, scalp, chest, and back. It commonly affects light-skinned women aged 30 and older but can impact individuals of any age. While there’s no cure for rosacea, its symptoms and flare-ups can be managed with correct treatment.

Getting the appropriate treatment

Start by getting a professional diagnosis at Dermatology Associates of Central NJ. We can determine if you struggle with acne or rosacea. You can have both conditions at the same time, and some unrelated conditions can produce similar symptoms. After determining your condition, our specialists can recommend an appropriate treatment. 

To schedule an exam and consultation, give us a call today, or click online to schedule a visit at our location nearest you. We can help you control acne conditions and manage rosacea for a better appearance and quality of life.

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