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EvolveX: Tighten Sagging Skin Without Surgery

Taking good care of your skin is important for keeping it healthy and looking its best. Using gentle skin care products, choosing the right moisturizer, and limiting your time in the sun all play important roles in maintaining beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

But unfortunately, even the best skincare routine can’t prevent the changes wrought by time. Eventually, the firm, toned skin of youth gives way to skin that’s loose and lax, making you look and feel older than you’d like.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the only solution for lax, sagging skin was to have it surgically removed. Like any surgery, that meant risks associated with anesthesia and infection, along with visible scars afterward. 

At Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey, our team tightens sagging skin without surgery using the state-of-the-art EvolveX® system for patients at our offices in Old Bridge, Freehold, and Union, New Jersey. In this post, learn how EvolveX can tighten and tone your skin so you look and feel firmer, sexier, and more youthful.

Why skin sags

When we’re younger, our skin produces a lot of collagen, a protein that gives skin its firmness and elasticity. But as we age, we produce less collagen, and our skin starts to lose its natural resiliene. The decline in collagen can be especially dramatic among women who are in or near menopause.

Years of sun exposure play a role, too. The UV radiation from the sun damages skin, drying it out and breaking down collagen fibers while also causing collagen production to decline.

Over time, these and other factors (like chronic stress and genetics) combine, causing a reduction in skin firmness and ushering in skin that looks and feels loose and flabby. You can see sagging in pretty much any part of your body, from your chin and neck to your arms, back, buttocks, and legs.

How EvolveX works

EvolveX helps promote collagen development to restore the natural firmness and buoyancy of younger skin. Better still, the EvolveX system achieves results noninvasively, without incisions, sutures, anesthesia, or a prolonged recovery period (or the risks surgery involves).

The EvolveX platform features the proprietary Evolve Tite® technology that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and firm loose, sagging skin from within. RF energy penetrates your skin to the deeper layers where collagen is produced without harming or overheating it. 

The energy is applied to your target treatment zone using a special applicator featuring state-of-the-art sensors and cooling functions aimed at delivering RF energy while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. Once the RF energy reaches the deeper layers of tissue, it gently heats your skin, prompting a natural healing response and ramped-up collagen production.

EvolveX can be used on multiple areas of your body, including your neck, arms, back, buttocks, and legs. Plus, you can have more than one area treated in a single session to maximize your results. Most people achieve optimal results with just six sessions, with each treatment tailored to their unique goals.

Enjoy firmer, smoother, sexier skin

We can’t prevent the effects of aging, but that doesn't mean we have to accept those changes. With EvolveX, you can enjoy firmer, sexier, more youthful skin without surgery or downtime, helping you look and feel your confident best.

To learn more about EvolveX and whether it’s a good choice to help you achieve your goals, call 732-679-6300 or book an appointment online today with the team at Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey.

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