My Acne Embarrasses Me: Can You Help?

My Acne Embarrasses Me: Can You Help?

As you get older, you may expect to outgrow certain conditions from your teen years. Unfortunately, acne isn’t necessarily one of those conditions. It’s hard to feel confident when all you see in the mirror is redness and pimples. 

But there’s no need to fret: The experts at Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey have treatments that can finally give you clear skin.

Our team, led by dermatology specialists Dr. Santiago Centurion and Dr. Maria Joyce Bernabe, has expertise in a variety of different conditions that affect your skin. They help you get the proper treatment for your acne so you can feel confident in your skin.

Causes and symptoms of acne

Acne is a pain, especially when you can’t seem to get rid of it. Whether you’re a man or a woman, pimples (zits) aren’t something you want to have to deal with. So what exactly causes acne? 

There are four main causes, including:

This leads to pimples on different areas of your body, including your face and chest. 

Because acne develops in areas with the largest amount of sebaceous, or oil, glands, you can have it on your shoulders and back as well. However, certain life factors can worsen acne, such as stress and hormones.

While the symptoms may seem obvious, it’s important that you know the difference between a normal breakout and actual acne. Symptoms of a true problem with acne include:

You may also notice painful bumps that are either solid or filled with pus. These can either be nodules or cystic lesions, both of which are hard to get rid of. 

Acne is difficult to deal with no matter your age, but it’s not hopeless. Our team can help you get the clear, pimple-free skin you’ve been dreaming of. 

What treatments can help?

If your acne is on the mild side, you may be able to use over-the-counter treatments to clear up your skin. There are a number of different face washes and creams you can use. Depending on your skin type, you may need a sensitive care option to keep your skin from drying out.

However, when your acne is more severe, you likely need prescription treatment to help clear your breakouts. These may include a mixture of several different types of acne treatments, which include:

If you’re a woman, you may need extra medication to balance the hormonal aspect of your acne breakouts. This may include a birth control patch or pill to help get your hormones in check and stop unwanted breakouts.

In some instances, severe acne may require a treatment known as light or laser therapy. This usually works best when it’s combined with other acne treatments. Our doctors may also deem it necessary to give you a steroid injection when your acne is severe and stubborn.

While many of these treatments are extremely helpful in clearing up even the most stubborn acne, watching what you eat can also help. A healthy diet may help keep your skin from breaking out. Eating fast foods, dairy products, whey protein powder, and omega-76 fats, however, have been linked to acne.

If you’re tired of suffering from unsightly acne, call us today at one of our three convenient locations in Old Bridge, Freehold, or Union, New Jersey, to set up an appointment. You may also schedule a consultation online using our booking tool.

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