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Stop Covering Your Rosacea: Try Our Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea’s red patching can be frustratingly stubborn, recurrently disfiguring your face across the nose and cheeks, and defying any attempt at cover-up makeup. The more than 16 million people in the United States with rosacea regularly suffer from the spreading redness across their faces, often concentrated across the nose and cheeks. 

Redness from rosacea can damage your self-esteem, causing your appearance to fall short of your ideal. You may also experience other symptoms during a rosacea flare-up, including feelings of warmth, or lumpiness and bumps on the skin in the affected area.

Instead of trying one more time to cover up your rosacea with ineffective cosmetics, get in touch with the team of dermatology experts at Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey. From locations in Old Bridge, Union, and Freehold, New Jersey, we provide treatments for rosacea that can actually resolve your symptoms!

Coping with rosacea cycles

Rosacea is a skin condition that can appear similar to severe adult acne. Rosacea most commonly affects adults, not adolescents. Anyone can develop it, but the condition is most common in women with fair skin. You might see symptoms including:

While rosacea is most likely to appear on your face, you can also suffer from symptoms on your neck, chin, or other areas around your body. Factors like having a fair skin tone, or underlying irregularities in your blood vessels and vascular system, can increase your risks of developing rosacea.

Rosacea flare-ups tend to be cyclic, with symptoms worsening, then getting better, then reoccurring. The Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey team can help you better understand your rosacea, identifying potential triggers like sun exposure, stress, or foods and beverages containing alcohol or lots of spices.

Treatments and therapies for rosacea

To break out of the rosacea cycle, you need professional-grade treatments, not ineffective cosmetic cover-ups. While there isn’t a specific cure for rosacea, treatment options are available to effectively control your symptoms and limit your flare-ups. As part of your rosacea treatment plan, we may recommend:

If your rosacea is getting out of control again in the summer heat, and you’re tired of covering up facial lumps or redness, it’s time to turn to the team at Dermatology Associates of Central New Jersey. You can schedule an initial consultation to get started on your rosacea treatment plan by calling us at any of our locations, or by booking an appointment online at the location most convenient for you.

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