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Telltale Signs of a Skin Infection

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Cuts, ulcers, or other injuries can leave you with infections in your skin due to the entry of a fungus or harmful bacteria. You might not be able to tell how your skin infection originated, but the painful and unsightly signs and symptoms of this condition let you know when you have a problem!

At Dermatology Associates of Central NJ, our expert dermatologists, Santiago Centurion, MD, and Maria Joyce R. Bernabe, MD, treat patients at our offices in Old Bridge, Union, and Freehold, New Jersey. We can diagnose and quickly clear up your skin infection. Here’s what you need to know about skin infections.

Signs and symptoms of skin infections

There are many different types of skin infections, including bacterial and fungal infections. Skin infections can occur anytime your skin is breached, leaving an entry point for harmful germs to get in and start to multiply. If your immune system can’t fight off these invaders, you could develop complications.

Skin infections produce a range of signs and symptoms. Inflammation and redness are telltale signs of a skin infection, but you could also experience:

Skin infections tend to start with minor symptoms, but they can become a threat to your health over time if left untreated. If your skin infection continues to worsen, you could face sepsis and gangrene. Skin infections can also cause serious illnesses like meningitis.

What causes skin infections?

Any injury in your skin can produce a skin infection. You could end up with a skin infection as a result of a cut or puncture, an insect sting, or an ulcer. Skin infections can also occur after a surgery, blood draw, or intravenous medication delivery.

Patients with peripheral vascular disease are at particular risk for skin infection due to frequent cracking of their skin’s surface, but anyone can find themselves dealing with this condition. Persistent acne is a common culprit for skin infections — another condition we can help you with at Dermatology Associates of Central NJ.

Fast and effective treatment

Our team can diagnose and treat skin infections quickly, protecting your whole-body health and wellness. Possible treatment options include:

To consult with our expert team, call the office convenient to you, or use our online tool to schedule your appointment now.

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