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Why Everyone Is Talking About the HydraFacial®

Why Everyone Is Talking About the HydraFacial®

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on spa services, and no small part of that amount is spent on facials. Some people get facials because it feels great, others like the exfoliating and moisturizing component, and others are seeking a fresher, younger look. 

At Dermatology Associates of Central NJ, our highly qualified providers know facials have multiple benefits. We offer numerous procedures that work well with facials, too, and we’re happy to evaluate your skin and help you understand what can work best for you. In this post, we describe one of our most popular services, the HydraFacial®.

How is HydraFacial different? 

If you’ve had facials in the past, you may be wondering how HydraFacial is different. The answer is in the uniquely designed handpiece. It infuses your skin with nourishing serum and moisturizers while it cleans the surface of your skin. 

We use serums and moisturizers that are suitable for your specific skin type and needs. Even if you have sensitive skin that’s easily irritated, you’re likely to respond well to a HydraFacial because it’s tailored to you. 

A session usually lasts about 30 minutes. It’s a generally relaxing treatment, and it’s gentle enough that you could have one every week if you wanted. Most of our clients choose biweekly or monthly treatments and see excellent results. 

Is HydraFacial suitable for me? 

We’ve found that HydraFacial is suitable for most skin types. That’s in large part because it’s so customizable and because we take the time to determine what your skin needs. 

Prior to your facial, we discuss your expectations and goals and carefully evaluate your skin. This gives you additional insight into your treatment and may help you decide on other things you can do with your skin care regimen. 

How does HydraFacial benefit me? 

A HydraFacial treatment gives your skin a deep, gentle cleansing and helps replenish the nutrients and moisture your skin loses every day. The HydraFacial’s multifaceted approach offers numerous benefits, including: 

Your results last a week or more with just one session, but regular HydraFacial treatments make the benefits even more pronounced. Make it part of your regular routine and enjoy ongoing skin health. 

If you truly want to find out why everyone’s talking about the HydraFacial, you need to try it for yourself. Schedule your appointment at any of our three convenient locations today!

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